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Blue Ridge
Natural Healing

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Blue Tree Branch

Natural Healing Center

Blue Tree Branch

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hydromassage lounge treatment

Blue Tree Branch

looking for bio-defense supplements?

Bio-Defense Supplement Bottle

You're in the right place!

Here at Blue Ridge Natural Healing, we offer the immune-boosting supplements you've been looking for! Head on over to our Shop tab to get started!


Pink Himalayan Salt
Hand Massage

Dry Salt Therapy

Using a dry salt chamber, Halotherapy has a wide range of benefits.

Hydromassage Lounge

Through use of a water massage lounge, hydrotherapy uses the healing powers of water to relax and treat.

Ionic Detoxification Foot Soak

Get rid of the toxins in your body through our relaxing Ion Detoxification Foot Soak!

Holding Hands

Health Coaching

Need help on your personal health journey? Click here to see how we can help!

Chinese Medicine

Health Supplements

A fantastic addition to your daily life that can aid with a wide range of health issues and ailments.

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About Us

Here at Blue Ridge Natural Healing, we bring an all-natural, holistic approach to combating illness, injuries, and the stresses of everyday life. We offer a diverse list of therapy options that cater to any ailment you want to address. Welcome to BRNH, and let the healing begin!

Blue Tree Branch


Blue Tree Branch
Blue Tree Branch

"I have used the Ionic Detox Foot Soak system for about 3 weeks now. When I started out my water was  black. It has allowed me to cut my allergy pill in half, instead of 3 a day, I only take 1.5 daily. I also have  a vocal cord disfunction and can not be around chemicals or fragrances without losing my voice  immediately. I have been able to visit local shops that I have not be able to in the past without losing  my voice. Not, only that. My blood pressure is the lowest that I have seen it in 5 years."

Bonnie Caplinger

"I had allergies and I sat in the Salt Chamber and I was not only able to breathe easier, but it was so  relaxing and refreshing. I know that I will be back!"


"I saw Donna for 6 months or more. She helped me understand and positively effect my health concerns. She also attentively listened to me and helped me see things about myself that I couldn't. She helped me deal with some difficult life situations through diet, and exercises and even though she said she wasn't a counselor she helped me figure out the root causes of stress in my life. Additionally she helped me take action to get my life back in balance. Donna sincerely cared about my well being. She researched and spent her own time to coach me. I highly recommend Donna May as a nutritional and life coach. Thank you Donna!!!"

Steve Yates

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directions & parking

Natural Healing Center

4159 Quarles Court

Rockingham VA 22801

We are located just east of Harrisonburg city limits off Route 33.  Turning on Massanetta Springs Road, then Quarles Court

Once on Quarles Court, come to the top of the hill and make a left at the flag pole.

Turning at the flag pole, you are entering the back of the complex.  Follow the parking lot around (like a horse shoe) to the front of the building. The entrance door is facing Route 33, located at the end of the parking lot.

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