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My Story

Donna May is a 2017 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, NY where she received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Degree.

donna's story

After a huge health scare in 2007, my life changed quickly. I had to adjust to significant lifestyle changes while continuing to live a life as normal as possible and provide for my family. This scare led me to further my education in nutrition. My story started with a visit to a trauma room, hospitalization, and no explanation of the stroke symptoms and double vision I was experiencing. I had to become my own health care agent. Fast forward three weeks out and by that time jaundice had set in. In need of answers sooner rather than later, I met with Dr. Fierro who was able to ask the right questions and discovered chemical poisoning.  He suggested a supplement which I started taking immediately, and within 48 hours it allowed my body to start the recovery process. This experience was the beginning of my health journey. The journey continues every day:  helping others to understand health and happiness and how important it is to listen to our bodies.

Donna May and Dr. Fierro
Donna May Headshot

The dream begins

In 2019, opening Donna May Certified Health Coaching Practice inside of Dr. Fierro’s Chiropractic Office allowed the dream of helping others to become reality.  Enjoying this work so much and having the passion to help others; Donna continued her education at The School of Applied Functional Medicine and plans to receive her Practitioner’s Degree in Functional Medicine in 2023.  

Dr. Fierro and Donna had a 5-year plan, that got cut short by 3 years due to Dr. Fierro developing health issues and needing to retire short of the plans.  


In 2021, Donna opened Blue Ridge Natural Healing, LLC, which brings services to the Shenandoah Valley which are especially beneficial for those with illnesses or chronic diseases.  Total relaxation through the valley’s only Hydromassage Lounge provides pain relief; dry salt therapy is utilized for respiratory and skin issues. BRNH also offers detoxification services while continuing to offer Health Coaching Services.

Life in the valley

Donna is a lifelong resident of the Shenandoah Valley and resides in Fulks Run with her loving husband Rick.  She has a grown daughter, Latisha, and several fur babies.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Donna has received in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills and business development. She has a passion to help individuals live a balanced life and become happier & healthier.


At Blue Ridge Natural Healing, we currently offer:

  • Dry Salt Therapy/Halotherapy

  • Hydromassage Lounge

  • Ionic Detoxification Foot Soak

  • Health Coaching

  • Health Supplements


Each of these are guided by Donna's approach to health, which is a focus on natural healing to aid with pain relief and management all while transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. 

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